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With successfully servicing Las Vegas for over 4 decades in the carpet cleaning industry – The Soil Extractors will ensure that you, the customer; will get the quality clean it needs for an affordable price that beats our major competitors.



You have some new carpet and now you’re getting hammered with bill every 6 months for carpet cleaning.

With our expertise in Carpet Cleaning – We are able break up any troublesome traffic-lanes and stains; making our visits farther apart.


Cleaning Tile can be back breaking and finding someone that does a full service could be even more painful.

We – The Soil Extractors have a proven method to restoring your Tile & Grout to its former glory.


Standing on filth is one thing but sitting in it can increase your water bill from all the showers you’ll need.

With our Upholstery Cleaning service, we will make sure to keep your seating areas looking good and clean.

100% Honesty Line

We strive for perfection in every house we step into, making sure you get exactly what you paid for. With our expert insight into carpet & tile cleaning, we make sure to inform you of all the options on the table before even starting a job. This is to make sure your hard-earned money doesn’t go wasted into a counterproductive process like multiple cleaning attempts when the carpet actually needs to be replaced.

We believe in 100% honesty and hope to build a relationship instead of a revenue stream with you. Your reviews and word of mouth is what we strive for, knowing after we walk out of your door – that you picked the best carpet cleaning company and share us to your friends and family. Below is just a fraction of the jobs we were able to show before and afters. Some fully restorations where others are just semi-annually maintenance cleans.

/Posted by: Jesse M.
A typical dirty traffic lane before CleaningFamily Room after the Soil Extractors Hot Water Extraction Process

Family Room Maintenance Clean

Family room carpets typically takes a beating from kids, pets, and of course husband's. Even though this shag carpet doesn't see that much foot traffic, it still gets it's wear and tear. This carpet is...
/Posted by: Jesse M.
Berber Carpet Cleaning office area - Soil ExtractorsBerber Carpet Cleaning office area after - Soil Extractors

Berber Office Carpet Clean

Berber is a type of carpet that can last till the end of time but with the cost of it getting dirty fairly quick. Having said that, it does clean up great and can...
/Posted by: Jesse M.
Motor Home Carpet Cleaning Spill - Soil ExtractorsMotor Home Carpet Cleaning Spill after - Soil Extractors

Motor Home Spill Clean-up

Getting away from the hustle and bustle in the Motor Home is always nice. But having too much fun can cause for accidents like spilling a whole bottle of alcohol into the carpet. These...
/Posted by: Jesse M.
Carpet cleaning under couch - Soil ExtractorsCarpet cleaning under couch after - Soil Extractors

Under Couch Carpet Cleaning

One of our clients for many years just ordered a new couch to be delivered in a day while they were giving away the old one to charity. With over 10+ years of sitting...
/Posted by: Jesse M.
Spring Carpet Cleaning in Anthem - Soil ExtractorsSpring Carpet Cleaning in Anthem after - Soil Extractors

Spring Carpet Cleaning

Not all carpet cleaning jobs are about "saving it" method. We do quick and excellent maintenance cleans for people that love to be overall clean. Typically we give discounted rates for jobs that frequently...
/Posted by: Jesse M.
Getting varnish out of a carpet with chemical - Soil ExtractorsGetting varnish out of a carpet with chemical after - Soil Extractors

Varnish Stain Removal

Varnish and carpet don't mix - but accidents happens and when something like a can of varnish spilling into your carpet feels like the end of the world. We actually dealt with plenty of...