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How to Choose a Carpet and/or Tile Cleaner

How do I know who to choose when looking for a Carpet Cleaner?  Choosing a Service Company is a little different than selecting a product.  Products are a static decisions, where a Service Company is based on the Technician Skill Level.  Think about a Tattoo Artist.  Each individual will have an unique abilities.  Your probably thinking how can this relate to a Carpet Tech.  Trust me…..There is a level of skill that comes with every job.

That being said, you have a choice between 2 or 3 Large Franchises and the rest will be individual Mom and Pop Shops.  Stanley Steemer and Zerorez are your 2 Large Franchises.  I’m not going to get into the different Methods of Cleaning that there are, but Stanley and Zerorez use similar equipment.  The pluses with the Franchises is you’ll get a similar job from each crew sent out to your home, particularly because their using pretty much the same equipment.  The Techs have been trained by the Corporation and they usually send out 2 persons per truck.  The passenger (or helper) is probably in training.  If you’ve forgotten to schedule your cleaning, using one of the two companies mentioned above, they’ll probably be able to facilitate same day service.  Since these Techs have been trained through the Corp system, their going to have the “up sell” motivation.  If you’ve selected one of their 3 areas for $99 Special and you have additional rooms of carpet or tile, trust me, their going to be asking why aren’t you having those areas cleaned today.  They’ll have doormats to sell, suggestions for duct cleaning or spot cleaners.  There not going to drive all the way out from North Las Vegas to Henderson, just for $99.

The majority of the Cleaners are made up of Mom and Pop shops.  Usually started with a Husband and Wife or a Father and Son with the intentions of growing their business to hire Cleaning Techs to grow into a Large Privately Own Business or maybe to start of a New Franchise.   These types of businesses are the ones working and thinking business 24/7.  Their the ones fixing a machine in the middle of the night because they have 2 jobs in the morning.  Their the one’s working one truck at 150% so they can hire another Tech and get that new van going.  Their trying to acquire New Customers through very expensive means with little return on the first job.  Their hope is that the customer was so satisfied that next year they’ll call again and not have to pay some agency for the referral.  The smaller Cleaning Business is by far the better choice.  You’ll probably get to know his Family, maybe his church or find out your kids go to school with his kids.


Of course it’s your choice and neither choice is wrong.  I like to find someone in my community that is trustworthy and friendly so I can use him many times in the future.


Over and Out


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