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Varnish Stain Removal

Varnish and carpet don’t mix – but accidents happens and when something like a can of varnish spilling into your carpet feels like the end of the world. We actually dealt with plenty of these events in our years and we can typically save any carpet as long as it’s still fresh and wet in the carpet.

Did you just spill something?

If your looking at this and had spilt something – we highly recommend getting a wet towel (the wetter, the better) and placing it over the stain completely. Keeping it from drying will help with us with extraction. Call us @ (702) 736-3063 and we’ll come out.

How Long can Varnish or a stain sit wet?

This varnish stain was sitting for about 16 hours with wet towels over it. It happened in the evening and we couldn’t come out till the afternoon the next day. But as you can see, even with hours of it dwelling – it didn’t have a chance of drying. which made it easier to extract.

Can I do anything prior to cleaning?

Yes, if you have a wet/dry shop vacuum – you can get a cup of hot water and pour it on the stain and start extracting with your vacuum. Make sure to extract without spreading the stain; that means no left to right motions with the hose.

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